Director Preview Tour to Central Europe

For musicians, Prague is the Mecca from which many great artists have earned their prominence.
It has a rich tapestry of music history that is drawn upon by the Prague Instrumental Festival: From Beethoven to Dvorák. From Beethoven’s compositional visits to Prague in the late 1790’s, to the imprint on 20th century music that famed Czech composer Dvorák left, we celebrate these and other masters of great musical art through this festival.
Music Celebrations International is proud to produce this event in Smetana Hall at the Municipal House, home of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, on March 23, 2019. Centrally accessible to the city of Prague, the hall is a tribute to the creator of modern Czech music – Bedrich Smetana. Portraits of renowned Czech composers and murals decorate the walls of this festive and airy venue.
While in Prague, participating orchestras will also have the opportunity to explore Dvorák’s birth home, as well as Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle – where many remarkable, original scores of some of Beethoven’s most famous works reside for history.


Participating orchestra directors are invited to attend a special free
Preview Tour of Austria and Prague, June 28-July 5, 2018.


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